What Is Zuo Yuezi?

What Is Zuo Yuezi?

February 28, 2018

At MaMeal, we specialize in meals for postpartum women. As a new mother, we understand that you are busy taking care of your new baby and that you might not have any time to think about yourself. We try to make your life easier by delivering healthy, ready-made meals right to your door. Our postpartum meals contain all the nutrients a new mother needs to heal her body after giving birth. As your Top Rated Local® meal delivery service for the Chicago area, we provide new moms with a variety of healthy meals. Treat yourself and sign up today!

One of the meals we offer at MaMeal is the Chinese postpartum meal that is based off of the “zuo yuezi” tradition. We often get asked about this tradition, which is why in today’s post, we will discuss why this tradition is so important. Continue reading, and sign up for our Chinese postpartum meals today!


What Is Zuo Yuezi?

After childbirth, most new moms go right back to their normal routines, with the added responsibilities of taking care of a newborn baby. If the new mother doesn’t have any help, or has only the help of her spouse, it can take a toll on her health.

The tradition of zuo yuezi, or “sitting the month,” dates back centuries and has strict rules for things a new mother can and cannot do after childbirth. Another name for this tradition is “Chinese Confinement,” which refers to the stipulation that new mothers shouldn’t go outside for up to 30 days after giving birth. Other rules include: no going up stairs, no eating or drinking cold foods or liquids, no holding your baby, and no washing your hair. These are just a few of the stipulations of the zuo yuezi tradition, and while they sound strict, they are meant to help the mother heal.

What Are The Benefits?

This “confinement” period is meant to give the new mother time to rest and heal. The Chinese believe that when a woman gives birth, she loses her strength and she needs time to heal. Zuo yuezi is designed to give the new mother that time to heal while others cater to her needs. Some individuals have reported that practicing zuo yuezi has provided them with the time they need to heal their bodies, and that it helped them gain strength and led to a stronger bond with their baby. Other mothers reported that it decreased the symptoms of postpartum depression. However, in some cases it has done the opposite. The results of zuo yuezi vary from person to person. If you’re interested in practicing zuo yuezi after you give birth, consult with your doctor to see it this Chinese tradition of healing is right for you.

Zuo Yuezi Foods

One of the most important parts of practicing zuo yuezi is the food. Chinese medicine believes that your chi is your life force, and when you lose blood during childbirth, you lose part of your chi, which causes your body to go into a cold state (yin). Healthy individuals require a balance between yin and yang (hot),
which is why most Chinese postpartum meals are centered around warm foods such as soups, ginseng, and rice. These foods are meant to warm and heal the body in order to reestablish a balance between yin and yang.


It’s important for new mothers to take time to heal after giving birth. Whether you choose to participate in the Chinese tradition of zuo yuezi or you choose to treat yourself to healthy ready-made meals from MaMeal, the decision is up to you. Learn more about the Chinese postpartum meals we offer or choose from one of our other meal plans. Whatever you choose, you will be guaranteed fresh meals delivered to your home. Sign up for MaMeal today!

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