Chinese Postpartum Plan
“Zuo yuezi” 坐月子 refers to the practice of the Chinese postnatal confinement period when, during the first 30-45 days, new moms are encouraged to only rest and recover. Within this practice, postpartum women are advised to stick to "warm" foods such as ginger, chicken and pumpkin. MaMeal’s Chinese Postpartum plan brings this practice to life for the modern mom, offering warming Asian-based foods to restore the balance from childbirth.
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Sample Menu
Pork Congee
Topped with green onions and ginger
served with hard boiled egg on the side 
Stir fried ginger with woodear mushroom
Side of rice and a soup
Pickled cabbage with pork spare ribs soup
serve with rice and vegetales
Let's do the postpartum like the Chinese
- Gretchen Bossio from " What to"
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